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07 Марта 2016

Dear colleagues in this article I'm not trying condemn someone or criticize, it is my observation and i share it with you all. I believe it can help same one in right moment….

Enjoy your reading.

Always yours Svitlana Tvardovska.


SPA staff, main idea, marketing, geographic localization, design, every point in your SPA, equipment all it work like cells in organ or like system of organs in organism. When we don't care about one cell or organ in future any way we will have disease. Same process we can see in SPA business. Through our teaching time for last 5 years walked a many therapists little bit more then 1500 students, from 12 different countries and now i can share my observation.

Successful SPA it healthy SPA with clear mind, proportional "Body" complexion and honest "Soul".

Clear mind - every person in our SPA must understand main idea and goal. Where we go? What we do? for what I'm here. How many i need to do?

Our spa-staff need a many directions from us and important if we the remember it always.

Proportional "Body" - we can see many SPA with thousands of treatment in one spa menu or combinations different opposite style of therapy in one SPA menu. Its works same like a combination not compatible products in one dish, if you eat it you can have indigestion. Same emotional indigestion or confusion can have a client when open SPA menu. Competing for the client, we can use different ways to attract consumers, the main thing is not to create misconceptions in first impressions our guests.

Honest "Soul" maybe it sound strange on your first observation but every live person have a soul, same every collective have a soul. Our consumers have a soul too and intuition, we just need remember it. Today many marketing consultants can push as on way "fast money in any way" but if we come in this business for long time and we wish have a regular customers and no in one generation….  We must be honest in proposition, resultant and pricing. We must be ready for answer on every question from our guest. Respect and love it best way to build relationships for long time.

Most popular 3 kinds SPA:

1)    city SPA – clinics of aesthetics and SPA

2)    city SPA at a hotel

3)    SPA at a resort hotel


Percentage attendance ratio:


City SPA – from 18 to 60% depending on marketing chosen by your SPA

qualification of the staff

cosmetic brand used by you

uniqueness and exclusiveness of your services

accordance of the services you suggest to the needs of the population

how positive is public opinion about your range of services


City SPA at a hotel – the figures of attendance can reach from 8 to 10%. With this quite low attendance of SPA the managers find themselves under great pressure in order to achieve their target of getting profit.

As visitors stay just for a short period and most of the customers are business people at city hotels, SPA-managers can hardly captivate such type of guests, that is why the main attention of city resorts should be focused on other income flows as well as they should choose additional audience, which is able to bring constant profit.

First of all it is introduction of programmes and effective courses, which will attract local people. They can become regular customers of your SPA and create constant profit.


SPA at a resort hotel

There are two kinds of SPA with different ranges of attendance

1) SPA at a hotel without a separate brand and corresponding off-line and on-line support. The figures of the attendance are very sad – from 1 to 8%

2) SPA at a hotel with a definite cosmetic brand. A strong database of local clients has been created. The statistics of attendance is from 8 to 10%


Due to breaking the stereotype “that SPA at a hotel is very expensive”, and also creating special programmes for guests and serving them with high quality, SPA can not only attract local people but contribute a lot to guests coming again to the hotel repeatedly.


Having made market researches of SPA sphere and having analyzed the situation we have come to the conclusion, that in order to increase the effectiveness of SPA under the existing circumstances your SPA needs our experience how to survive and to enlarge your income in the conditions of economic instability and growing competition.

Here are our effective and reliable recommendations:


Successful SPA is impossible without a qualified staff!!!

When we conducted seminars in different SPA of Dubai, i'm  demonstrated Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi, beforehand we specified from SPA managers if anybody from their staff had mentioned this message technique in the resumes. They confirmed that they had been trained this technique in Philippines. But during the seminar it turned out that it was a lie just to raise chances of being hired. While training personnel from Asia we were pleasantly surprised: ) they learned hard and actively, showing maximum interest to new knowledge. Discussing the seminar the students confessed that they would eagerly learn new techniques, but it is very expensive for them and in Philippines there are no schools of such level teaching numerous techniques popular in Europe and America. 


60% of clients at a city SPA must be regular customers, and the following aspects can stimulate them to attend your SPA constantly:


personal friendly or kin relations.

visual result after the treatment received.

complex effective programmes demanding regular attendance and alongside guaranteeing health-improving and rejuvenating result.

safety and cleanliness. Your regular customer must be sure that all preparations used by your therapeutists are safe and of highest quality!

scholarship of the staff, the personnel must understand quite well how to compile recommendations for guests and how to distinguish the problem and the demand of the guest.

The clients come seeing the signboard, but they stay and come again only because of mastery of the staff!!!


how many massage techniques can your personnel do?

what complex programmes for losing weight and rejuvenation can you suggest at your SPA?

is your client aware how the cosmetic product offered to him works?

Do your personnel know about active ingredients and the ways cosmetic products work?


Choosing an expensive and actively advertised brand is not the best way in a difficult situation.

Advertising expenses influence the formula negatively – that is the quality of ingredients composing cosmetic preparations. As a result you will get a well-advertised, but absolutely ineffective product. Because of that you will have to explain yourself to your regular customers, as the main wish of a regular customer is to get a result after the treatment received.

Proceeding from the existing circumstances, we have arranged a special commercial offer for SPA.

And that is the smallest part of our secrets of survival!

If you are interested in collaboration, we will be very glad to share our personal experience. We will teach your personnel and will suggest you a big assortment high-quality treatment. For conducting all treatments we produce special 100% natural cosmetics with a high concentration of active ingredients for a reasonable price. Our products are of the best quality.


We guarantee you effective training of your SPA personnel and advantageous cosmetic products of the best quality.

We are sure that collaborating with us you will attract more regular and grateful clients, which will influence the growth of your profit.

10 Сентября 2016
3 часто задаваемых вопроса об Аюрведе (RU/EN)

- Что такое Аюрведа ?

- Что лечит Аюрведа терапевт?

- Как происходит процесс лечения ?

26 Января 2017
Аюрведическая медицина: Не Традиционные системы оздоровления
Внимание: врачи, реабилитологи, массажисты, психологи, косметологи, диетологи, инструкторы по йоге и йога-терапевты, кулинары, специалисты по здоровому образу жизни, а также все, кто желает постичь традиционную Аюрведу из первоисточников и научиться правильно применять полученные знания на практике!
У вас ещё есть возможность присоединиться к ежегодному сертифицированному курсу! 
Даты и время проведения: 
Первая сессия: 27января -10 февраля 2017 года; 
Вторая сессия: 11 - 24 февраля 2017 года.
Продолжительность курса: 2 сессии по 10 дней.
Ежедневно с 9:00 до 17:00 часов с перерывом на обед (8 академических часов в день). 


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